No tobacco, no tar, no ash but nicotine.

As an alternative to the traditional cigarette, Migo aims to provide adult smokers with an alternative to the traditional cigarette. Migo is a young, innovative and progressive company with a mission. Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking.

Our team (all ex-smokers), active in the electronic smoking market since 2015, are passionate about bringing the ideal replacement to the market which is as close as possible to a traditional cigarette. We are proud to say that our (growing) team has a wide range of specialities that allow us to facilitate everything ourselves. This includes making the E-liquid, developing and refining the hardware (not manufacturing). All designs, website and logistics processes are taken care of in-house.

Faster satisfaction through Nic Salt

Migo uses Nicotine Salts (also known as "Nic Salt"). Nic Salt is the natural form of nicotine as found in tobacco leaves. It not only consists of nicotine but are also bonded with another organic element (Benzoic acid) to form a stable molecule. Compared to freebase nicotine (which is currently the standard in tobacco shops in the Netherlands) which is not bound to other elements.

What is BenzoΓ«zuur? Benzoic acid (Benzoic Acid) sounds exciting but it can also be found in many fruits such as berries, but also, for example, in yoghurt and honey. Benzoic acid is an organic element and is often used as an additive in food and designated E210.

Why nicotine salts? The addition of benzoic acid lowers the PH value, making the e-liquid feel softer on the throat compared to freebase nicotine -which is often sharp on the throat and can be perceived as unpleasant. By adding benzoic acid, it is possible to vape higher nicotine levels (20MG) that do not feel sharp and unpleasant.

But there is more; Nic Salts are absorbed into your blood faster. The nicotine absorption of Nic Salts E-Liquid is similar to smoking a cigarette. This makes the chances of successfully switching to an alternative to the traditional cigarette easier than with freebase nicotine. The nicotine is absorbed almost instantly, satiating the craving for a "nicotine hit" faster.

How does an E-Cigarette work?

An e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) vaporises a liquid containing a mixture of flavourings and other substances. The liquid, or e-liquid - which is subject to strict ingredient requirements - is heated to produce a vapour that the user can inhale. The liquid does not contain tobacco, like a regular cigarette, but it does contain nicotine.

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